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Today I'm not going to sleep.
Today I cannot stop to think.
In endless sleep I fall,
Never think again.

Today I cannot sleep a wink.
Today I can just feel your pain.
It's simply all the same.
Draw a life with colourless paint.

Today the world is crying on my sight.
Today I'll beg for the last night.
I'm nearing my own fall.
Washing rain.

Today I'll wave straight to the sun.
Today I'll touch what is long gone.
Wind is whispering my name.
Draw a life with colourless paint.
The end.

I'm getting to see what is not here now.
I'm getting to hear what you don't hear now.
I'm getting to fly while you all stand now.
I'm getting to die while you all live now.

I didn't like your paint.
I don't expect to be your saint.

I'm going away from all you creatures.
There's no more pain I take from people.
Receding away from all fake missions,
I hear my own steps and heavenly creatures.

I didn't like your paint.
I don't expect to be your saint.

My whole life I've been colour blind
Now I can see what they've been hiding.
Once in a life you touch the sky,
Lowest low leads to highest high.

I will not use your paint.
I don't wanna be your saint.

Death has made me open my eyes.
I can see your face,
I can look in the mirror.
The world ain't doomed,
But it seeds fear.
The weak one lose
And the strong ones
Lose too.


from Colourless Paint, released December 21, 2013
Mihai Costachescu - bass, keyboards, violin, virtual instruments, backing vocals
Alex Oltean - guitar, bass, virtual instruments, vocals




Vis-a-Vis Romania

In late 2011, in one of Bucharest's neighbourhoods, Mihai Costachescu and Alex Oltean gave birth to Vis-a-Vis. Their sound would be best described as a combination of psychedelic, progressive and 90’s alternative rock.

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