Colourless Paint

by Vis-a-Vis

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released December 21, 2013

All songs written and performed by Vis-a-Vis.

Cover art by Alexander Miclaus and Vis-a-Vis.




Vis-a-Vis Romania

In late 2011, in one of Bucharest's neighbourhoods, Mihai Costachescu and Alex Oltean gave birth to Vis-a-Vis. Their sound would be best described as a combination of psychedelic, progressive and 90’s alternative rock.

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Track Name: Together, Yesterday, Tommorrow
Love is punished,
Right is wrong,
I can't take it
For so long.
Seeding hate
Is all you're after,
But I believe in love
And you won't kill my laughter.
Together we can do it,
Together we can win,
Together life is easy,
Together we've never been.
Yesterday I felt so lonely,
Yesterday I felt so sad.
Tomorrow is the day we'll beat them,
Tomorrow is the day, my love.
I can feel my moment coming,
I can see the sky above.
Now I trust my very own powers,
Now I trust my very own love.
Track Name: Inside My Brain
I can't believe my own eyes,
I cannot hear my very own ears.

They want me to come with them,
They want me to be like them,
But I can't.
I fucking can't.

I hear voices in my brain,
Thoughts that come and thoughts that go.
It's like they know something important,
That I ain't never know.

But who are they and who am I?
Is this really war or just suppression?
Am I mad, am I unconscious?
Paranoid, getting anxious?

I guess I ain't never know.

I feel blind,
I feel deaf,
I feel wind,
I feel dead.

I'm alone,
Have no home,
Have no life,
Have no self.

Don't belong
Here at all.
No I don't.
I feel sad.

Helping hand
I wait for.
Doesn't show.
Lost myself.
Track Name: Moving Dots
When the moving dots from the circle think
That they're only dots in a bigger thing,
That they're only spots and are going to sink,
What can they do?

When the moving dots will realise
That they always do nothing and they've been told lies,
When the moving dots will realise,
What will they do?


Individually they're nothing and together they can't fight
The strong power of the circle, the one thing that makes their lives,
But they're fuelling the circle thus they're keeping it alive
And they're worshipping the circle and they fear it for their lives.

And they live within the circle
And they die before they rise,
But the picture of their small nest
Keeps evolving all the time.

When the moving dots from the circle think
That their movement is the circle and it's changing before they'd blink
If the moving dots had never sinked
They wouldn't have known the circle was theirs, but now they're extinct.
Track Name: Doom
Black is the face of your insanity
Rich men are rising with the poor men buried in fear.
God, tell me, what have we become?
God show me my face in the mirror.

I am ashamed of what I am
And I am feared to have a face.
A way of being that is forbidden
A path of clones and loss and fear.

The world is doomed,
Once and for all,
The world is doomed.
Individuals have no hope.

Let's all group together.
Let's all work together.
Track Name: Fall
My world, as it collapses
Has a human-shaped hole.
I lost all my good chances
Now I lost my control.

On and off and in and out,
I float on waves that lead me down.
Waves of tears and waves of doubt,
They guide me through this winding town.

As one lives life,
They get to choose what they are here for.
But in my mind,
There is no place for me no more.

I isolated
Myself from fake loving pictures.
Introverted, inhibitioned,
I failed at self-claimed missions.

And now I'm falling,
Along with what we've built.
My memory is leaving you,
Along with what I did.

The smile of desecration
Left tears on my bloody face.
The fear of failure, the fear of space,
They put me down, killed me with no grace.

And you left me, left me alone,
All my trust, all my hope
Vanishing away.

A little girl is screaming "Murder!",
Her innocent eyes have seen what cannot be forgotten
The little girl is screaming "Murder!"
And nobody know she's crying for her mother.

Her mother is away,
She's been touched by the finger of doom
And as her soul is passing away,
She takes with her her only one daughter.

And you watched this scene and you did nothing.
You watched this scene and you did nothing.

Her mother is away...
Track Name: The Omniverse
It's a cold
November morning.
Sorrow's floating
In the air.

It's a cold
And windy morning.
Left alone
I count my days.

I'm a shadow
Of the past.
All the beauty
In me has died.

I stand in silence,
Waiting for my grave.
Can shed no tear,
Can put no smile.

I am empty,
I am hollow
And I'll be gone.
You made me gone.

I can't escape the omniverse.
All the boxes are the same.
Live and die and cry for helping,
It's a ride one can't escape.

And if I die today, tomorrow,
Nothing changes, everything's the same.
I just continue my ride through the Omniverse
And through the forever lasting pain.

As a dot, I can break through the circle,
But there are limits I can't set.
And now infinity's my one last limit.
And now infinity's my one last limit.

When I think of non-existence
As a way to be set free,
I get down and beg for mercy,
As I know that I'll never achieve
Track Name: Today
Today I'm not going to sleep.
Today I cannot stop to think.
In endless sleep I fall,
Never think again.

Today I cannot sleep a wink.
Today I can just feel your pain.
It's simply all the same.
Draw a life with colourless paint.

Today the world is crying on my sight.
Today I'll beg for the last night.
I'm nearing my own fall.
Washing rain.

Today I'll wave straight to the sun.
Today I'll touch what is long gone.
Wind is whispering my name.
Draw a life with colourless paint.
The end.

I'm getting to see what is not here now.
I'm getting to hear what you don't hear now.
I'm getting to fly while you all stand now.
I'm getting to die while you all live now.

I didn't like your paint.
I don't expect to be your saint.

I'm going away from all you creatures.
There's no more pain I take from people.
Receding away from all fake missions,
I hear my own steps and heavenly creatures.

I didn't like your paint.
I don't expect to be your saint.

My whole life I've been colour blind
Now I can see what they've been hiding.
Once in a life you touch the sky,
Lowest low leads to highest high.

I will not use your paint.
I don't wanna be your saint.

Death has made me open my eyes.
I can see your face,
I can look in the mirror.
The world ain't doomed,
But it seeds fear.
The weak one lose
And the strong ones
Lose too.